Teachers Teaching Each Other

Students had the day off yesterday, but faculty and staff were in class. A student asked me why teachers have to go to school on student holidays and I answered, “So we stay a little bit smarter than you!”


Beth Gilliland, one of our sixth-grade ELAR teachers, adopted a Baseball theme, asking attendees to wear a baseball shirt in celebration of the recent World Series. To capture our attention for each activity, she did a countdown from five, ending with “Batter Up!”, and presented a home run lesson for engaging and motivating our students using an iPad app called NearPod.


Her husband, 5th-grade Science teacher, Taylor Gilliland, helped to set up the experience by asking us if we’d ever used a PowerPoint presentation in class. He wanted to know how quickly the students tuned out.

NearPod is much more engaging and interactive, with the capability for teachers to see class participation and share it in real time.

From her interactive lesson, I learned that I can step up my expectations and offer extra motivation for students in the Library to respond to my interactive bulletin boards. I heard lots of ideas being shared at nearby tables for other classrooms in our school, as well.

Thank you, Mrs. Gilliland, for inspiring us to be better educators!


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