Meet Susan McMillen



Mrs. McMillen agreed to be interviewed for our website. She is a great asset to our school and she will be sorely missed, but we wish her all the best in her imminent retirement.

What motivated you to work at a school?

I had already been volunteering at my son’s school, Bess Race.  I liked being in a position to help students learn.




When/where did you begin your school employee career?

In the 1986/87 school year, at Bess Race Elementary (the original campus)

What schools have you worked at and in what capacities?

Bess Race Elementary – Lunchroom monitor

                                               Cafeteria Worker

                                               Teacher’s Aide

Crowley ISD – Substitute Teacher

Crowley 9th Grade Campus – Content Mastery

                                                          Leads Aide

                                                          Resource Aide

North Crowley 9th Grade Campus – Resource Aide

                                                                      Functional Academics Aide

Sue Crouch Intermediate – Rise Aide

                                                     VMath/Voyager Instuctional Aide

                                                     Computer Lab Aide

How long have you been at Sue Crouch?

9 years

What has been your favorite thing about working at Sue Crouch?

Variety, something new and different everyday. 

What are your plans after retirement?

Rest.  Take care of family.  Volunteer. Travel.


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