Keep it Simple. Just Be Awesome.


Millions have been inspired by Kid President, Robby Novak.

The idea started when Robby’s brother-in-law, Brad Montague (pictured above), recognized the uniquely upbeat personality in his wife’s much younger brother.

Montague recalls a particularly rough patch for Robby- after he endured back-to-back surgeries on his femur and was confined to a lower body cast at age four. Yet, even during this physical challenge, his spirit proclaimed, “You were meant to be awesome. Keep going.”

Brad says Robby has “shown me what it means to live with wonder, courage, joy and strength”. He was inspired by this little boy and wondered if others would be also, so they began posting their playful videos.

“Kid President grew out of a desire to diffuse the whole political conversation, and simply be funny” during the contentious 2012 Presidential election. But it evolved into something so much more.

The simple, honest, upbeat and clever videos of Kid President has been going viral ever since. His slight lisp and winsome expressions are irresistible! Robby is in Middle School now, and he continues to inspire and encourage his viewers.

Because we all need to be reminded of our innate awesomeness.

And just keep going. 


Photos and quotes from Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome, by Brad Montague and Robby Novak


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