Sharing the Love


Ooooh. Looks like it’s time to donate some books to the Sue Crouch Library.

The holidays are a great time to go through bedrooms and closets and bookshelves, eliminating those items you really have no more use for, and making room for shiny new things, or just reveling in the reduction in clutter!

Do you realize there’s no such thing as an unloved book? (I just made that up, but it should be a well-know fact.) 

Any books, from infant level to adult can be donated to any school library. The Librarian there will distribute the books to the appropriate campuses! Don’t worry if they have some well-worn “love” on them- we have something magical, called Book Tape! Even if a book can’t be used for reading, I’ve been known to use the pages inside for other purposes!

Campus Libraries get more books, you get more space. Everybody wins!




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