They Are Paying Attention

When I introduced my 3D collection, I showed a black and white photograph of my mother at age 20. My mother passed away at age 49, when I was 18. I confessed to my students that I would love to step right into this picture and meet my mom when she was a young woman. I told them that photographs are perfect examples for the Artifact theme in our Library this year, and photos that can be viewed in 3D make you feel like you are stepping right into the scene.

Imagine my happy surprise when a 5th grade boy brought in a short story about “stepping into the picture”. Of course I rewarded him with a pencil prize. A nearby student said he couldn’t be on Mount Rushmore unless he became President of the U.S., so I gave him a pocket Constitution, too.

Just in case.




One thought on “They Are Paying Attention

  1. Susan McMillen says:

    Well done Jose, I especially like the sunglass touch! Good luck on your adventure to become the next president to be carved into Mount Rushmore!
    Mrs. McMillen


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