Rushing into American History

When Rush Limbaugh published the first book in his series Rush Revere: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans in 2013, he hosted a 500-word essay contest for teachers and librarians to win free copies. (I may have been one of the very first entrants.)



His representatives sent 60 copies of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims for our teachers to use for classroom reading! Since then, I continue to beg for copies of other books in the series, so that our Library has copies for students to borrow, including one published in Spanish. Boys, especially (even reluctant readers), love these magical narratives. Rush Revere is a substitute History teacher who, with the help of his sarcastic, talking, time-traveling horse named Liberty, takes his students on field trips back into American History.


Every page of this hardback, jacketed book is printed on thick, glossy colored paper, with numerous full-color graphics, including photos of historical artifacts.

Today, I received a donated copy of the latest book in the series: Rush Revere and the Presidency. 


I will catalog and process this copy for our Library circulation. (I already purchased a copy at Costco to add to the box of books for my grandchildren. As a Librarian, I’m the “Book Grandma”.)


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