Nonfiction Text Features

Isn’t that fun to say? Quite the tongue-twister!

Non-Fiction books are my favorite. (Right next to Fiction books, or all books for that matter.)

Besides providing the sensual experiences all book lovers live for- namely, the heft of a tome in your hands, the scent of old paper or new ink, the pattern of text on the page, the feel of the paper as you anticipate the turn….but I digress –bound books are valuable tools. 

One of our 5th grade ELAR teachers, Mrs. Osborn, asked for my help to facilitate a Treasure Hunt. She provided me with a list of nonfiction text features her students will be searching for in the informational books available in our well-stocked Library.

Did you know nonfiction books hold so many resources? Why, they’re like the Swiss Army Knife of the Library!


Table of Contents, Headings/Subheadings, Differing Font Styles, Bullet Points, Illustrations/Photos, Captions, Diagrams, Graphs/Charts, Tables, Maps, Fact Boxes, Sidebars/Text Boxes, Timelines, Glossaries, Indexes, and Suggested Activities pepper a well-published nonfiction book! And, as I tell my students, nonfiction books are so awesome and magical that a person merely has to read one page to learn something new!

I love helping teachers with Library resources! If I can’t find it in our school Library, I’ll hunt it down!

So, here is the small book cart with a healthy selection of various nonfiction bound books for Mrs. Osborn’s students to discover their resource treasures:




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