Seeing Red

For the second presentation in my How We See in 3D series, I show the students those familiar 3D booklets that come with cardboard “glasses” with red and blue lenses.

I remind them that no matter what 3D artifacts I show them from my collection, the formula remains constant: 2 Eyes + 1 Brain = 3D.

The two-dimensional photos in the booklets are “ruined” with red shadows and blue highlights. The lenses force each eye to see a separate perspective- colored by each different lens. I remind them that their eyes don’t actually see color- they see light, so in addition to the lens colors, they also perceive all the other colors, too, and the photos POP! because their brains do the job of overlapping the images so that they see in depth.

I just get a kick out of seeing them wearing those funny 3D glasses.





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