On Assignment with STEM


Mrs. Grothe’s ELAR S.T.E.M. class learned the process of producing a newscast.

This was their assignment:


You will work with members of your group to create an informative and engaging newscast. You will read several expository articles, transform them into a newscast-worthy script, and film your group delivering the stories. You must have a completed script before your group is able to begin filming.

My group members are: 

Each broadcast must include:

One Science report
One Health report
One Money report
One Arts report
One Sports report
One commercial break

Bonus (if you have time):
Weather report
Traffic report

Step 1
Your group will choose one news article for each of the 5 topics above (science, health, money, arts, sports). Your group must read and annotate each news article.

Step 2
Organize the information in each news article by making a list of facts and story-related information, putting the data in order from most to least important.

Step 3
Write your news story script with the understanding that you will be reporting this story aloud. Each news story should only take about 30 seconds to present. This will ensure that you include all of the required elements listed below:

  • Attention getting lead/opening statement
    • A strong beginning containing 5 W’s and H (who, what, when, where, why, and how)
    • Quotations (we like to hear what others have to say about the topic of the story)
    • True, accurate facts
    • Information presented from most to least important

Step 4
Edit your work, checking to see that all required parts (listed above) are included and verifying that you have used the following in your writing style:

  • active voice (“She hit the ball”; not “The ball was hit by her.”)
    • precise, concise wording
    • interesting and varied word choices
    • unbiased reporting (doesn’t include your opinion)

Step 5
After all news story scripts have been written, work with your group to determine the order that you will present the stories. They can be in any order. Once order has been determined, add in transitions to help make your newscast flow between stories. Transitions can be comments between the news anchors, etc.

Step 6
Create any signs, props, materials you will need for your broadcast.

Step 7
After your script and materials have been approved, you may then begin filming your newscast.

Final Thoughts

ALL group members should be actively involved in the preparation AND performance aspects of this project. This means that every group member will have a part on camera (can be in the news portion, the commercial, or both!)
Broadcasts will be taped and should therefore be well-rehearsed, professional, and contain good transitions between stories.
Remember to be creative and have fun! However, presentations should be professional and informative.
Your group will be graded based on your creativity and professionalism.

“Kids realized how much goes into researching and producing a newscast. They had to effectively divide up tasks and work together as a team to get the job done.” – Mrs. Grothe.






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