New Year, New Learning Opportunities


My thoughtful twin sister gifted me a subscription to Birds and Blooms. After pouring over the exquisite photos and useful information contained on each page, I disassembled the magazine, laminated the pages and have displayed them on the Library windows facing the main hall of my school, with the signs: The Aviary, and Bird Watchers’ Paradise.

Besides posting a new Library display inviting students and staff be be inspired by reading a Pep Talk by the President (Kid President, that is), they will be invited to participate in a Virtual Library Book Club in 2017. Members may choose any fiction book, then post answers to questions directly on a Library wall. The first question is: What book did you choose, and why? 

My first How We See in 3D presentation for the new year will be View Master reels revealing the photos taken along the Lewis and Clark trail by Charley Van Pelt 200 years after the original expedition. In this way, students will learn the geography achieved during this historic exploration commissioned by President Jefferson, as well as the science of using two perspectives to create a 3D experience.



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