A Person of Letters

download-1Over the holidays, a young adult acquaintance of mine posted an inquiry to her friends on Facebook. “If you are interested in exchanging letters, please message me.”

Of course, I volunteered right away, and she replied, “I knew you’d want to be part of this!”

After I signed up for this experience, I spent several days wondering what she would write to me. What questions would she ask me? What secrets of her own would she reveal? I reveled in anticipation!

Yesterday, her first letter to me arrived! I waited until this morning to open it. I love my quiet mornings, all alone in the house, taking time for me while I enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I prepared my waffles and coffee, sat down at the dining room table and slowly opened the letter from Hayley. I was savoring the experience!

Now, I was born in 1959. I grew up writing and receiving many letters, but I can’t even remember the last time I pulled a handwritten, stamped letter from my mailbox before yesterday!

First, I noticed her handwriting. She used printing instead of cursive and her style was like that of a teenager. She didn’t start with the traditional greeting: “Dear…” Instead, she gave her letter a title!

Now, I will not reveal any of the contents of her letter to me, because letters are a bit sacred (do you know that “sacred” means “secret”?). Letters give the writer and reader time to contemplate how much to reveal and how much they dare to ask.

Writing a letter is like telling secrets about yourself to someone you trust. Opening a letter is like discovering secrets about someone you care about. 

Have you ever written a letter to someone and mailed it to their home?

Try it!




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