Clap Along to STEM!

Principal Stapinski leads the way as our STEM students boogie their way to brilliance.

Our STEM teachers plan exciting hands-on activities that incorporate formulaic principles and modern technology into the daily curriculum. In 5th grade, Mrs. Alvine, Mrs. Iihara and Mr. Birmingham STEM teachers energize their classrooms. Mrs. Grothe, Mrs. Joe and Mr. Michler keep the fires of scientific knowledge burning in the 6th grade hall (not literally- that’s just foolishness).

Our General Education teachers support and enrich the entire learning experience with their own innovative and engaging lesson plans designed to stimulate and satisfy curiosity while building up the firm foundations of a well-rounded education in Language, Math, Science and Social Studies. Music, Band, and Special Education as well as Physical Education are important ingredients to the formula for overall success.

Some of us dance, some of us sing. Every person who ministers to your child on the Sue Crouch Intermediate campus is dedicated to inspiring student excellence. 

Can learning be fun? YOU BETCHA! Now, clap along!

 Who knew Mr. Shepherd was such a natural dancer? (Gotta get that guy in Tap Club.)


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