Python Shopping

Yesterday, Mrs. Branstiter took a day off to visit with her son and his family.

My son, Aaron, has always loved unusual animals. As a child, he had newts and hermit crabs and cockatiels, iguanas and a Shar Pei. As an adult, he’s owned a chinchilla, a hairless Sphinx cat, and snakes.

So, yesterday, after my granddaughter got some track shoes and my grandson got new Lego sets, my son went shopping for exotic snakes. My son is very curious about new things and when he learns about something, he enjoys teaching others (gee, I wonder where he gets that?), so I learned more than I ever thought I wanted to know about Albino Ghost and Albino Black Pastel Ball Pythons.

I’ve never been afraid of snakes, unless they are poisonous. I’ve never been attracted to them, either. But yesterday, as my son and his wife and their kids were handling the baby pythons with such affection, I decided I wanted to hold one. I enjoyed the feeling of it’s muscles as it moved up and around my arm and hand, and it’s curious little face was kind of cute.


I held a snake and I liked it.




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