STEM Social

Let’s get together and talk about Science! Mr. Michler will get us started. Geeky fun!

Science is the study of everything! What could be more exciting than that?

On March 2, parents and teachers got together to shmooze about STEM opportunities at Sue Crouch Intermediate.

Our program is thriving, and growth is highly anticipated! (There are rumors of adding a whole other team of STEM teachers to our campus next year!) Currently, we have Mr. Birmingham, Mrs. Grothe, Mrs. Joe, and Mr. Kelly (pictured below), as well as Mr. Michler, Mrs. Alvine and Mrs. Iihara.




With the surprise news that our own Jesse Rutherford, who came in third at the recent Fort Worth Regional Science and Technology Fair, is invited to compete at the State level at the end of this month, our school district is determined to reward the successes made evident in our dynamic STEM program.


So far, in a short time, STEM has become a rousing success at Sue Crouch!


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