Revolutionary STEM

Every other year, I teach Our Nation’s Foundations in the Library, building a giant meme on the wall representing Constitutional principles of our great Republic. (My lesson plan recently won first prize in the Best Teacher Lesson Plan for 2016, from Constituting America.)

Since Sue Crouch has become a dynamic STEM Academy campus, I’ve been researching the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math applications to the topic of the American Revolution.

For example, did you know that during this time period, The Enlightenment that began in Europe was transforming how people thought about everything?

Science was replacing superstition to explain nature.

Technology was replacing manual labor, making life easier.

Engineering followed discoveries, encouraging wide-ranging curiosity and invention.

Math was used to solve practical problems of a rapidly expanding population.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to learn and teach STEM applications regarding my American History lessons that supplement 5th grade Social Studies!

It’ll be Revolutionary!



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