Shake It Off! Read It All!

On Friday, April 21st, I hosted 90 students (divided into three separate classes) for Fun & Games in the Library.

Tables were covered with bright butcher paper and printed paper and pencil games were scattered on top. They could play tic-tac-toe, or finish mazes, or enclose boxes or find hidden pictures as they consumed their lunches. I also had peripheral centers for coloring, cartooning and paper-airplane construction. Although the kids had a blast making and sailing paper airplanes, I wouldn’t recommend this activity in a Library with high window ledges. Just sayin’.

The parties were in appreciation of the students who participated in my Love Your Library Challenge. Each one either appeared in a class video or created a promotional poster describing why they love their school Library.

One 5th grade class rewrote a Taylor Swift song and performed it on video for me. Here are the revised lyrics to Shake It Off!

My Library is great… I got knowledge on my brain… The books are all okay… The books are all okay… but I keep looking, trying to find my books and I see this story in my way, saying “it’s gonna be really goooood!” My Library is great, great, great! Mrs. Branstiter is nice, nice, nice! The artifacts are cool, cool, cool, cool, cool! I read it all! I read it all! Hey, hey, hey, while you’re over there with your boring book, you could’ve come here for a really good book. My Library has really good books, they’re so amazing and I’m just gonna read! To the lady over there with the pretty short hair: she came on over to teach us about artifacts…Yeah…Ohhhh…All I wanna do is Read It All! Read It All!

Please excuse the sideways video:

I’m smiling now.



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