Bwahahaha! The Plan is Working Perfectly!

I recently received a generous goodies bag from Constituting America, in recognition of winning their 2016 We the Future Best Teacher Lesson Plan for my Our Nation’s Foundations curriculum.



I brought some of the items to school, displaying both the framed certificate and the clear acrylic paperweight inscribed with my award. One of my 6th Grade students noticed it on the Circulation Desk and wanted to know how I won it. (She loves to enter contests.) I told her about my entry to last year’s contest.

I developed the lesson plan that I have presented to Library classes two times in the last 5 years. Since I am on the emailing list for Constituting America- an organization I admire and promote- I decided to submit my lesson plans upon their invitation to enter the We the Future Contest. Then, I admit, I forgot all about it. Until February 1, 2017, when I received another email from Constituting America, informing me that I had won Best Teacher Lesson Plan for 2016!

Yes, it comes with generous prizes, which entices more entries, but the best prize is the way this organization promotes award winning entries all across the country. I certainly hope that many teachers, librarians, homeschoolers, churches and citizens use my lesson plan to help teach the founding principles of our Constitution!

This story inspired my young friend, so I printed the 2017 contest rules for her. She wants to write and perform a song, so she must comply with the contest rules requiring the song to promote the Bill of RightsWhich means she’ll have to learn and memorize the Bill of Rights. 




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